Sunday, 3 February 2013

First HDR Attempts

It's been a while ...

So I thought I'd try my hand at HDR shots.  Took some pics of the town centre parish church, but it was too dark - lesson number 1, take these shots at dusk / dawn, not at bona fide night.  Also took some pics on the river but got nasty lens flare ... I think I need to clean my skylight filter (or something).

I got lens flare on my shots of the Ivy House too, but not so bad that would ruin them.  It's not the best composition in the world (lots of road! I was hoping for car-light trails but lesson number 2 - HDR kinda kills that, almost by definition) but it demonstrates the technique.

I haven't bought photomatix yet as you'll see from the watermarks, but I can't deny it's impressed me.  These are three different versions using the same four bracketed shots:

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