Thursday, 10 September 2009

Le Mans

Another thing we did on holiday, was to make our pilgramage to Le Mans. There's a rather nice museum there - I took many, many photos of cars old & new, like this one:

Some legendary names - Go Jonny!!

I say that without irony - there have been more successful British Formula One drivers, but Jonny's still a hero in my eyes!

Speaking of heroes, here's me absolutely demolishing the lap time of the previous guy to have a go, while my eldest looks on:

They also had footage of that Mark Webber incident, where the Merc he was driving took off. Spectacular stuff!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Starry starry night

See, I said I'd blog some more!

On holiday in France near Royan, we heard it was going to be a good night for comets. Unfortunately, it quickly transpired that you can't really take photos of comets (at least, I certainly can't), but the night was AMAZING anyway, so clear (I swear you could see the galactic, erm, colorful stuff, y'know).

I knew I'd brought the tripod for a reason! I pointed the camera straight up and after a few experiments managed to capture the following with a 20 minute exposure:

Quite pleased with that, actually ...


Hi to both of my readers! I know I've been a bad blogger recently ... I intend to get back to it (with a vengence) now that memories of my holiday are distant. Watch this space ...

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