Sunday, 12 July 2009

Suspect Sphere

The sphere terrain is mostly done, and it looks, well, ok ...:

This looks better in motion! But the normals aren't quite right, and it's a bit jagged, frankly:

Other problems - holes:

The pic's a bit small, but there's not supposed to be a hole up there! Also a big tear at one location:

All slightly depressing. This, coupled with thoughts about how we'll determine the "height" at a given location of the surface (measured in polar coords?) has given me a headache, and I'm considering throwing _this_ away too, and going back to basics - a common-or-garden, flat height-map. I think I'll still join it at the sides and top-to-bottom (so it's topologically a torus, geometry-fans!), because I don't want invisible walls and it's a reasonable way to avoid this.

But sphere would have been cooler ...!

Oh well, it emphasises that for a first project, the mantra "Keep It Simple, Stupid!" is worth sticking to.

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